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Battles are won and lost at the hands of the individual warrior.

The field is forever changing, never subsiding.  We had no choice but to bring a timeless classic back into our arsenal.  One that’s steeped in a legacy of brutality - the TiMAX glove.

The unmistakable floating titanium knuckle, finger and cuff plates allow for maximum articulation.  The mechanical expansion panels provide optimum fit characteristics, while the Battlehide™ goatskin palm provides the critical balance between durability and control feedback.

Dual wrist closures ensure the TiMax gloves don’t go AWOL when they’re needed most.  At last, when the wrath is laid to rest and the dust settles on the battlefield, the warrior and the TiMax stand alone, together.

Military-grade Titanium Knuckle, Finger and Cuff Plates, Leather Backhand
Floating Knuckle Construction, Expansion Panels, Dual Wrist Closure, Battlehide Palm, Leather Overlays