GAERNE SG 12 BOOTS 2018 Models

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Available in 9 color choices.

Not all riders are created equal, nor are their boots, which is why Gaerne has invested 50+ years in creating boots that are not only comfortable, but supportive as well.

For over five years, we have continuously updated the innovative SG-12 to bring our riders the quality of Italian workmanship, coupled with thoughtful and on-trend design—because we’ve created and set the trend from the very conception of motocross boots.

With the latest updates to the SG-12, Gaerne has fine-tuned our dual-stage pivot system, devising the first stage to provide strong lateral support at the “Razorback,” along with a glide plate to keep the boot upper in a firm and upright position, and the second stage of the pivot system, which is fixed on a sliding glide and allows for more natural foot position, but also acts as a shock absorber to reduce unwanted compression in the cases of over-jumping or bottoming out.