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The ultimate off-road helmet!

The latest expression of the ultimate off-road helmet, the brand new VX-Pro4 evolved from the much-loved VX-Pro3 model. So it’s still the perfect choice for MX, enduro and off-road use. Just as in every Arai helmet, the basic and simple organic shell shape is based on the R75 shape concept. The absence of exaggerated edges or protrusions on the shell should not be mistaken for a lack of imagination. It’s a visual demonstration of our commitment to maintaining the integrity of the shell with real-world impact performance. The peak of this helmet is 14mm longer and 5mm wider than the VX-PRO3

  • Larger relief ports allow more air to escape from under the larger peak to minimize lift/pulling at speed
  • Chin vent incorporates expanded SS mesh that is moved from the inside to the outside of the shell--providing more room to move the EPS chin liner forward to allow more room in the face area
  • Round and smooth chin cap to prevent snagging and digging--easily removable with a single srew
  • Inner Mud Gate can be easily removed for more airflow
  • FCS cheek pads with a larger surface area--wraps under jaw for more comfort
  • Removable, replaceable and washable neck roll pad
  • Six upper vents and an upper and lower rear exhaust vent cowl--for maximum air management
  • Emergency cheek pad removable system--label acts as pull tab for strap
  • Meets or exceeds SNELL and D.O.T. standards